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Brontosauraus Necklace with Initial - Anomaly Creations & Designs

Brontosauraus Necklace with Initial

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Awesome Brontosaurus Dinosaur Necklace, with Initial of Choice-! Simplistically Elegant, Artsy and Unique. Such a great statement on many levels. Great gift for Vegetarians or Vegans, Historians or anyone that appreciates these magnificent creatures. Super Cute Necklace!
-Brontosaurus Pendant is Silver Plated and Small about the width of a Penny (12x27 mm)
-Comes on a Sterling Silver Necklace
-Initial circles are stamped with letters you choose. Size is small, 3/8" Brushed Aluminum 20 gauge
-Comes in a beautiful gift box

The Apatosaurus is also well known as the Brontosaurus. The Apatosaurus is one of the largest animals to have ever walked on Earth, averaging around 23m (75ft) in length and a weight of over 23 metric tons. It took an Apatosaurus only around 10 years to reach its full size. Apatosaurus was a plant eating (herbivore) dinosaur. :)

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