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Handwriting Custom Coaster

Handwriting Custom Coaster

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Create a meaningful unique gift by using handwritten messages from a child or a loved one- this glass coaster features the highest quality laser engraving onto the surface of the glass. This makes a wonderful memorial gift, wedding, mothers or fathers day, christmas, birthday or any occasion! The creative options are endless. This is a true unique gift that is bound to be loved.

-3.5" x 3.5" Glass Coaster(s)
-Professional Laser Engraving
-Option of handwriting engraved or Choose a font # (see last photo)

*Engraving Options (drop down menu):
1.) 1 Design/Layout (1 Coaster Total)
2.) 2 Same Layout (2 Coasters Total)
3.) 2 Different Layouts (2 Coasters Total)
4.) 3 Same Layout (3 Coasters Total)
5.) 3 Different Layout (3 Coasters Total)
6.) 4 Same Layout (4 Coasters Total)
7.) 4 Different Layout (4 Coasters Total)

*If you want a custom order or design layouts please contact us!

Please contact us with any questions. We are here to help!

PHOTOS: Once purchased, please send us an email to customerservice@anomalycreationsanddesigns.com with a high resolution (300dpi) photo of what you want on it. Please note, the higher the quality photo, the better it will come out. If you aren't sure about the quality of the file, no prob! Send it over and we have team of skilled graphic designers that will touch it up to make it ready. Please send in Black ink/marker or solid colors on white paper. (Any artwork/set up is included in price!).