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Custom Handwriting LED Keychain

Custom Handwriting LED Keychain

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This is a very sentimental, personal gift that is one of a kind. This keychain has LED lights that flash multi colors- illuminating what is engraved on the glass. Make this such a special gift, Valentine's Day, Memorial Gift, Birthday, Anniversary or for any occasion. You can either have your own handwritten message (yes, real actual handwritten messages!) engraved, signatures of loved ones or you can choose from the selected fonts in the last photo! The creative options are endless, and this is truly such a meaningful gift, that you or your loved one can carry with them everyday.

-Glass Keychain of Choice, LED flashing multi-colored lights
Oval=1.00x1.33", Circle=1.22" diameter, Heart=1.24"x1.23", Rectangle=0.77"x1.19"
-Professional Engraving on ONE side only
-Beautiful Gift Box

*See our slide show on our profile for a VIDEO of how this looks! www.UniqueAnomaly.Etys.com scroll down to our "about" section, and there will be a slide show, you can use the arrows to scroll through to the video.

1.) Styles= Oval, Circle, Heart, Rectangle
*The oval, circle and heart have chiseled edges.

2.) Engraving Options= Handwritten Message or Choose a Font (see last photo for fonts)!
(1-9 words, we will let you know depending on style of writing - what fits on which pendants. Less is more, meaning we can enlarge 2-3 words to fit perfectly but the more words, the smaller and less readable).

HANDWRITING: *When sending your handwritten message, please make sure it is on a WHITE background in DARK black ink. Please attach photo and upload it below or email it to us to customerservice@anomalycreationsanddesigns.com with your order #.  Please attach a high resolution (300dpi) photo of what you want on it. Please note, the higher the quality photo, the better it will come out. If you aren't sure about the quality of the file, no prob! Send it over and we have team of skilled professional graphic designers that will touch it up to make it ready. (The crisper the lines, and quality of file you send, the better! Black ink/marker or solid colors on white paper is great). (Less is better, 1-6 words so we can enlarge the text to be clear and legible).


FONT: *If choosing a font, select the font number from the last photo and keychain shape in the drop down menu, and when checking out, let us know what message you want via the notes section, or send us an email with your order# and what you want on there to customerservice@anomalycreationsanddesigns.com (Less is better, 1-6 words so we can enlarge the text to be clear and legible).

Please contact us with any questions. We are here to help!